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Research Paper Abstracts

all abstracts are in .pdf format.

A Population- Based Prospective Cohort Study of Personal Exposure to Magnetic Fields during Pregnancy and the Risk of Miscarriage

Environmental Power-Frequency Magnetic Fields and Suicide

Environmental Magnetic Fields Inhibit the Antiproliferative Action of Tamoxifen and Melatonin in a Human Breast Cancer Cell Line

A Nested Case-Control Study of Residential and Personal Magnetic Field Measures and Miscarriages

Electrical Wiring Configurations and Childhood Cancer

Power Frequency Magnetic Field; Depressive Illness and Myocardial Infarction

Exposure to 50-Hz Electric Field and Incidence of Leukaemia, Brain Tumors, and Other Cancers among French Electric Utility Workers

Exposure to electromagnetic fields and suicide among electric utility workers: a nested case-control study

Occupational Exposures and Brain Cancer Mortality: A Preliminary Study of East Texas Residents

Occupational Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields and the Occurrence of Brain Tumors

Effects of 60-Hz Magnetic Field Exposure on Nocturnal 6-Sulfatoxymelatonin, Estrogens, Luteinizing Hormone, and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone in Healthy Reproductive-Age Women: Results of a Crossover Trial.

Melatonin-Depleted Blood from Premenopausal Women Exposed to Light at Night Stimulates Growth of Human Breast Cancer Xenografts in Nude Rats

Psychological Effects of Chronic Exposure to 50 Hz Magnet Fields in Humans Living Near Extra-High-Voltage Transmission Lines.

Microsatellite analysis for determination of the mutagenicity of extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and ionising radiation in vitro