opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Objectives

To oppose unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

To press for a co-ordinated UK energy policy

To monitor developments related to powerlines and to liaise with similar organisations

To promote a precautionary policy on public health matters relating to powerlines

To promote alternative systems of transmission


REVOLT was founded in 1991 principally to object to the proposed 50-mile 400 kV overhead transmission line from Teesside to York, using evidence, analysis and technical expertise. A second objective was to promote rational energy distribution policy. The group had all-party support and worked in collaboration with the several local authorities involved.

The Electricity Act 1989 had privatised the UK electricity industry. A "dash for gas" characterised generation in the early 1990s, as North Sea gas was exploited. This threatened to exacerbate the north - south separation of generation from demand. In the 21st century, gas is running out and government policy is driving renewable generation, especially wind farms.

After several public inquiries and hearings, with unprecedented numbers of landowners refusing to grant voluntary wayleaves, and after objectors won many concessions and delays, the new Yorkshire line was completed in 2003. By this time REVOLT was an internet-based international focus for public concerns about transmission lines, related energy policy and electro-magnetic fields (EMFs).

The position statement declares REVOLT's stance on key issues


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