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Press release and survey as .pdf

PRESS RELEASE 11 October 2002

High incidence of ill-health in residents living near a high voltage powerline in Trentham

A survey of the health of residents living near a 132 kV powerline in Trentham has revealed a high incidence of depression, headache and insomnia. The survey has also found 11 cases of miscarriage compared with only 1 miscarriage case in a similar population living away from the powerline.

The survey was carried out by the Trentham Environmental Action Campaign against a background of scientific reports of higher incidence of depression, miscarriage and certain cancers linked to magnetic fields such as those that radiate from powerlines.

The survey took the form of a questionnaire to all residents living within 25 metres of the powerline in Trentham, as well as residents living greater than 25, metres but less than 150 metres away.

In both men and women there was a clear excess of depression, headache and insomnia in those living near the powerline, including an excess in those requiring either treatment by a doctor or treatment in hospital.

The most startling findings was of 11 cases of miscarriage in those living near the powerline, compared with only one case in the residents living further away. This finding is particularly significant because two recent epidemiological studies in California have shown an increase in the risk of miscarriage for magnetic field exposures similar to or less than that seen under the powerline in Trentham.

Full details of the survey are attached.

For further information contact either Frank Lewis on 01782 659324 or Maureen Asbury on 01782 658648.