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Revolt Newsletter 62


1. NGC's change of contractor from AMEC to Balfour Beatty raises a number of questions. Does it affect the access planning approvals, which were based on AMEC documents and engineering details, including details of vehicle trips? Will the promises made by NGC at parish meetings about contractor practices still apply? For example all contractors' vehicles were to display identity and freephone numbers, and an NGC supervisor was to be present at all times. Questions on planning approvals have been raised with Hambleton DC, and with NGC on promises to parishes.

2. At least one NHGC / Balfour Beatty site operation appears to be clandestine. An anonymous compound has appeared on the roadside between West Rounton and East Harlsey, which is understood to be Balfour Beatty for NGC. Why no identification?

3. A full schedule of tower heights and base sizes has been compiled. Details will be available through Revolt officers. The NGC information was fragmented in all the hearings and inquiries, but we have put together documents NGC 23 and NGC 24 from the 1994 wayleave hearings and NGC 20 from the 1995 inquiries, plus some further data Ian Cunniffe acquired from NGC, to get a complete set. Details of local tower heights were promised by NGC to local parishes at some of their meetings, but they have not been forthcoming.

4. Hambleton DC are reported to have rejected all three of NGC's amended but ill-considered access applications at Kirby Sigston at the planning meeting on 9th November. There was a strong representation of residents among the public at the meeting. It is an indication that protesters making their views known and turning up at planning meetings can indeed have an effect. Objectors needn't sit back with resignation - that way you get ignored - but active protest can get results.

5. Interest in the health issues connected with power lines continues to grow. Carlton TV in the west country have been seeking interviews. The combination of the physics of Henshaw and the epidemiology of Preece at Bristol University raises serious questions about contaminated aerosol particles, and this is reinforced by the different and very significant pooled studies of the international team establishing a firm association of childhood leukaemia with magnetic fields above 0.4 microTesla. These are two different hazardous exposures, not in conflict with each other but together reinforcing the case that power lines pose a health hazard.

6. North Yorkshire police are reported as taking legal action to prevent fuel protesters entering York. Revolt has no position on fuel protests, but understands the need to concentrate police resources on alleviating the effects of floods. Revolt has avoided protests which might inconvenience or endanger the public. -- Mike O'Carroll


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