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 REVOLT News 155 09/12/03

*** URGENT - see tip off at item 4 below (TV Wednesday) ***

1. The Irish National grid, known as ESB-NG, is upgrading the electricity grid in several parts of Ireland. On 5.12.03 objectors from Cork, Donegal, Fingal, Galway, Leitrim and Sligo got together at the EU Offices in Dublin. I was pleased to join them. We heard the EU view of the great impending issues of enlargement and the new constitution, in an Irish context. The EU offices present a good information service and are willing to help with matters of citizens' rights. These are particularly important as people in Ireland face excessive grid development in the name of progress but with the usual hidden agenda of wind-farm development. In the wake of consents for new powerlines, people will face wayleave and negotiation problems something like those in the UK, so they will need to work together.

2. Someone is catching on about wind power at last. The Irish Times 4.12.03 reports the electricity regulator has, on the advice of their NG, called an immediate halt to new wind farm connections to the Irish national grid. This is because of the grid security and stability problems brought about by large-scale wind power. He has also called for a review of wind policy, cessation of offers to wind companies until the technical problems are solved, and cross-border consultation on wind power.

3. Still on Ireland, the "bogalanche" story is far from over. The Galway group passed on to me a video of aerial shots of the affected area. It is not a small land-slip, but has at least one large flow of bog through a forest and several other affected sites which might develop similar flows, started by the wind turbine foundation digs. The main slide flows for about a mile, rapidly escalating to 50 to 100 metres wide, uprooting trees and devastating a large area of forest.

4. Don't miss the programme BBC2 Wed 10 Dec. at 7.30pm. "Rajan Datar investigates the state of Britain's electricity generating system revealing why we are so vulnerable to power cuts and questioning whether the Government's faith in wind power is misplaced" (forwarded from Country Guardian)


-- Mike O'Carroll


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