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Revolt News 130


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Revolt News 130

(This is a single item edition about the bonfire and voting for contenders to be a "guy".)

PYLONS BONFIRE PARTY Crankley Lane (just off the A19 Easingwold bypass) Saturday 2 November at 7.30 p.m.

Richard Gill is kindly organising a bonfire on his land just off the Easingwold bypass a few hundred yards from its southern end. There will be ample car parking off the main road and a cordoned-off area for a fireworks display. This is not a pylon site, but is about half a mile from the power line.

Donations may be made on the day to a well-regarded local charity, St Monica's Hospital at Easingwold, from which Sister Farger hopes to attend the bonfire.

This is an occasion for the public to show their outrage at the unnecessary and wasteful powerline and the unjust treatment meted out to the public. Revolt will offer prizes for the best "guy", effigy or mock pylon to be burned. Imaginative offerings especially welcome.

VOTE FOR THE WORST CULPRIT: You can vote for candidates for effigies to be burned by a simple reply to this email. We will see if we can extend voting on the web site. Give 5 votes for your most despised character, 4 for the next and so on. Vote for at most five characters, fewer if you like. Just click "reply" on your system and then type in "5 votes" etc. after your chosen names below and post it. All readers are invited to vote.

(A). LORD WAKEHAM, who consented the Enron power station on Teesside in 1989 while keeping affected local authorities in the dark about powerline implications, and then was appointed to the Enron board and now is implicated in the Enron scandal.

(B). MICHAEL HESELTINE, who gave the provisional consent to the powerline in 1994.

(C). MARGARET BECKETT, who gave actual consent in 1998 after further enquiries.

(D). JOHN BATTLE, Energy Minister advising Margaret Beckett who gave pre-election pledges to objectors then dodged giving a talk in Thirsk after the decision, and with dodgy excuses of police warnings which were then denied by the police.

(E). DAVID JEFFERIES, Chairman of National Grid in the 1990s driving this development, and whose "fat cat" share options prompted John Major to criticise "distasteful" executive pay deals.

(F). JAMES ROSS, Chairman of National Grid after the 1998 consent decision.

(G). ROGER IRWIN, NG Chief Executive and long-serving director who was sensationally exposed at this year's NG AGM as having an affair with a married colleague, with a question of whether it was on company expenses, nearly tripping up the NG - Transco merger.

(H). ANYONE ELSE of your choice? Please give their name.

What a tough contest this is! There are so many really well qualified and deserving contenders for the most despised person riding roughshod over the public and despoiling the environment for their own selfish purposes. I will keep you posted on the bookies' favourites. You may notice there are two Tories and two Labour, reflecting REVOLT's strictly non-party-political position as well as the history of this project. If you can suggest any Libdem runners, let's have them, though not being in power gives them a serious handicap in the sleaze stakes.

Do pass the word around and come along on Saturday 2nd November. With luck we will raise something for a good local cause and enjoy a good party. Offers of help, food, entertainment etc. would be welcome, but please let us know.

Mike O'Carroll

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