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Revolt News 128


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Revolt News 128

1. A brief note on the Revolt AGM held 27.9.02 is at Appendix 1 below.

2. My reply to Chris Purser's letter in DST 27.9.02 about Revolt, Thirsk Town Hall and the Joan Maynard lecture is at Appendix 2. A cut- down version appeared in DST 4.10.02. Chris contacted me to explain I had misread his letter and he wasn't describing Revolt but the Town Hall Committee.



APPENDIX 1 Brief Note of AGM

Anne McIntosh MP and Dari Taylor MP (Stockton South) both sent apologies and pledged their support. Dari is writing to Patricia Hewitt Sec of State to press for removing/abandoning the Norton - Picton - Shipton line (first part existing, which goes through residential areas in her constituency, second part under construction at Huby etc).

The meeting went as expected. There were over 30 people - I counted 32 at one point.

The name was made simply REVOLT, dropping the acronym or alternatives.

The objectives were agreed after tinkering with a couple of words as

3.1 To oppose the Norton - Picton - Shipton 400 kV line; 3.2 To press for a co-ordinated UK energy policy; 3.3 To monitor developments related to powerlines and to liaise with similar organisations. 3.4 To promote a precautionary policy on public health matters relating to powerlines.

The committee size was reduced to 10 and the 10 standing members were re-elected. The election of officers is done by the committtee at its next meeting.

The open forum went on until 9.30 and included a contribution from Rosalind Craven with hand-out notes on her constitutional challenge. She is convinced that NG and DTI have got it wrong and are in conflict with the law.

Revolt will seek to meet the new chief constable of North Yorkshire. The policeman present, Paul Reed, answered questions and confirmed that they will not intervene in a civil dispute but in reply to a specific question he said they would eject NG if a landowner asked them to if NG was doing damage, e.g. digging a hole in a field without the landowner's permission. The landowner would then risk civil proceedings from NG.

Examples of the rough behaviour and failure to comply with biosecurity were given by Richard Gill.

There was some support for a demonstration later this year, possibly bonfire night as in the past, as a means of expressing solidarity, though it would not stop the line. Rosalind Craven's stand was thought the best opportunity to do that and an event might focus there.


APPENDIX 2 letter to DST


May I thank Chris Purser for treating us to a hearty guffaw with his wild imaginings (letters 27 Sept) of Revolt as "remnants of the Tory shirearchy shrilling against ... the far left".

As Chris should know, Revolt is of course strictly non-party-political, as I am personally, and continues to enjoy active support from members of all the main parties. At our meeting on 27th, messages of support were read out from Anne McIntosh, Conservative MP for Vale of York, and from Dari Taylor, Labour MP for Stockton South.

Joan Maynard herself was an active committee member of Revolt. The committee met in her house in Sowerby close to Chris's.

Revolt enjoys the support of people from Arthur Scargill to the Archbishop of York. Keep smiling, Chris, and don't take your Tom Sharpe too seriously!



Mike O'Carroll


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