REVOLT opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter 183

Revolt news 30/03/2005

1. RUSTIEST PYLON COMPETITION: we are trying to find the country's rustiest pylon. Please send entries by email to the contact address at <>. As a starter, Peter Hillam offers pylon Y.W.30 just north of Halifax, which he says has never been painted. He says: "I have always refused permission to let "them" have access to (the pylon) after I was Bamboozled into letting "them" Prune!!! the surrounding trees which they "pruned" to the ground. I have also been through "their" compensation "procedure" to no avail." Maybe we should also have a biggest-prune competition?

2. Following the reference in the last issue of Revolt news (182.6) about consultants acting to help landowners with wayleave or easement claims, Revolt has had feedback from readers [subscribers] who warn against entering into any contract with consultants that gives the consultant an open ended right to a share in the compensation; or indeed an excessive proportion of the compensation. It has been suggested that any share in compensation should need to be re-confirmed every six months.

3. SCOTLAND BEFORE PYLONS is the name of the new umbrella group of objectors to the Ullapool - Beauly - Denny line, following the meeting organised by Ian Paterson on Sunday 27.2.05 of about 15 groups (news182.5). Eddie Hughes is the secretary. Arrangements are being made to host some web space on the revolt web site. The petition presented on the Saturday to the Scottish Parliament and discussed in cross- examination with four MSPs (Lab, Lib, Con & Green) is coded PE812. Details can be found from . A recent article from the Ullapool side, under the banner Highlands Before Pylons, is at APPENDIX 2, announcing a meeting there on 6 April.

4. Snips from news@all-energy Issue 48, March 2005, are at APPENDIX 1.

5. A second national conference of wind-farm objectors is to be held at the Saddleworth Hotel, Huddersfield Road, Delph OL3 5LX (near Oldham) on Tuesday April 12th 1.00 to 5.00 pm. There will be a Buffet Lunch from 1.00 pm and celebrity speakers. The aim is to set the pitch for questioning prospective MPs in the general election. Contact Ken Hulme, 28 Sevenacres, Delph OL3 5HU tel. 01457 872859 

6. Notwithstanding the government spin put on global warming and wind farms, there are serious global issues facing the world. In simple terms the problem is unsustainable growth of population, consumption and waste alongside increasing resource depletion (news177.6). REVOLT is concerned with energy policy, not the wider issues of sustainability, as reflected in its position statement of January 2005. Nevertheless the "global decline" major environmental report is noted because of its importance and partial relation to climate and energy, although it should be remembered it is about ecosystems and not essentially about global warming. North Sea fishing stocks are an indicative example - it really is serious. The BBC report is at: 


APPENDIX 1 Snips from news@all-energy Issue 48, March 2005.

8.1.Energy and job creator

Wilton 10, a 60m pound green power station is to be built on Teesside. The 30MW biomass project will create about 400 jobs during construction and 15 permanent ones. It is expected to be operational by mid-2007,3604,1432614,00.html 

11.1 Tees Valley's plans

"The work of Professor Metcalfe and the University of Newcastle is vital to achieving our vision of creating a hydrogen economy for the Tees Valley," Dr Graham Hillier, director of the Fuel Cell Applications Facility at CPI (Centre for Process Innovation) announcing CPI's sponsorship of a chair of Chemical Engineering 



09:00 - 25 March 2005 A Highland campaign group hopes to step up pressure for submarine cabling from Lewis to Merseyside, when it meets next month.

Ullapool-based Highlands Before Pylons (HBP) will be holding a meeting to discuss the issue in Ullapool village hall on Wednesday, April 6.

HBP said it had carried out research which highlighted the benefits of an undersea high voltage direct current link to transmit future energy generated in the Western Isles directly to its southern market.

The group has been opposed to Scottish and Southern Energy's (SSE) proposals to erect pylons running from Ullapool to the central belt, including through 20 miles of the Cairngorm National Park on 164ft high pylons. HBP has written to Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt in the hope that a new study can be commissioned into the feasibility of a long distance undersea interconnector. And Sue Hopkinson, a member of the group, also said she had been assured that Charles Kennedy, leader of the Liberal Democrats, would lobby the secretary on the issue.


-- Mike O'Carroll




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