REVOLT opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter

Revolt news 175 10/11/2004

1. Fiona Reverdy writes (APPENDIX 1) of a new European organisation against pylons, holding a series of rencontres, the first in Perpignan 27/28 November, to which interested persons are invited.

2. The CLA issued a press release on wind farms (APPENDIX 2) with web links.

3. An interesting test case on EMFs has arisen in the form of a proposal to build 570 flats for social housing on the site of the old Wimbledon football ground, including an 8-storey block just 20 metres from a powerline and close to several telecoms masts. This comes at a time when precautionary policy is being shaped through the SAGE stakeholder group with DH. My hurried submission (the planning meeting is 15 November) is attached in pdf.

4. A revised draft WHO Precautionary Framework is available in pdf format from the WHO website

My initial response is also attached in pdf.


APPENDIX 1 Letter from Fiona Reverdy 

We are organising the Rencontres Européennes Anti-THT (European Talks Against Extra High Voltage Powerlines) on 27 and 28 November 2004 in Arles sur Tech,near Perpignan in France, to bring together associations and collectives who are fighting against the construction of extra high voltage powerlines.

Our objectives are to oppose the construction of extra high voltage power lines in the Pyrénées Orientales and that these Rencontres should act as a catalyst in establishing the foundations of a Fédération Européenne de Lutte contre les THT (European Federation Fighting against Extra High Voltage Power Lines). French, Catalan and Spanish associations are mobilised, and we are contacting others in Belgium,Italy and Germany - a European federation would be a powerful tool to make governments back out of their projects for the transmission of electricity via extra high voltage power lines throughout Europe.

Arles sur Tech, a mediaeval town situated in the bas Vallespir, has the facilities to make it a perfect venue for these Rencontres, organised by the Collectif Non à la THT (Collective of associations Against Extra High Voltage Power Lines).

We greatly hope that it will be possible for UK associations to take part in these Rencontres, and that we may work together in the grim future prepared for us by the European recommendations concerning energy transmission. This is short notice -you are invited and we would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this message on to those concerned - they are cordially invited to take part in the meeting, and to contact us concerning the project of a European federation. Please contact me for further details, or visit the French site Best regards, Fiona Reverdy


APPENDIX 2 CLA press release on wind farms.

News Release 5 November 2004


The Country Land & Business Association (CLA) today expressed astonishment that the DTI appears to have taken a decision over which renewable energy technologies to support ahead of the findings of its own commission on the subject.

In a DTI announcement, Energy Minister Mike O'Brien published the Government's plans for the review of the main renewable energy support mechanism: the Renewables Obligation.

"The CLA have long argued that communities should be offered a choice of renewable energy sources, not just a single option of wind turbines, to help address climate change," said Mark Hudson, CLA President.

"We welcomed Sir Ben Gill's commission to look at the barriers to alternative technologies such as biomass, but it seems, as we feared, that the DTI has already decided on their policy before Sir Ben has had a chance to report,? he added.

"The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution has set out the potential benefits from biomass power. One biomass power station can deliver as much renewable energy as more than 20 large turbines at the same time as delivering much greater greenhouse gas savings and creating new income opportunities for woodland managers and farmers."


Notes to Editors:

1. The DTI's own calculations show that at least 3% of the renewable electricity target will need to be generated by technologies other than wind. Without their contribution, the 2010 target will not be met.

2. For a copy of the CLA response to the DTI consultation on terms of reference for the review of the Renewables Obligation visit

3. More information on Sir Ben Gill's Biomass study task force is available here 

4. More on the Government's Terms of reference for the renewables obligation 2005-2006 is available here 

5. CLA: The Country Land and Business Association is the premier organisation safeguarding the interests of those responsible for land, property and business throughout rural England and Wales. 

For more information and to arrange interviews, please contact: Helen Leyland, National Press Officer Tel: 020 7460 7936 or Mobile: 07970 550 261 




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