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Possible link between power lines and childhood cancer  Sept 1998
A team from Bristol University has discovered the answer to a riddle which has puzzled scientists for many years. Epidemiological studies carried out in many places suggest that there is a link between high electromagnetic (EM) fields (such as those around power lines) and childhood leukaemia. But this was only a statistical association. It was not a demonstrated ‘cause and effect’. The bio-mechanism which might lead to a higher cancer risk was missing.  Now the Bristol team believe they have found the answer.

NIEHS (USA) Press release 24th June 1998 "An international panel of experts convened by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reported to the institute today that electric and magnetic fields like those surrounding electric power lines should be regarded as a "possible human carcinogen"."
Summary of the  report itself

The International EMF Project was established by The World Health Organisation  in 1996.
"Technologies using the electromagnetic spectrum have provided immense benefits and reshaped the way we communicate, practice medicine, travel, conduct business and manufacture goods. While extensive research has been conducted into possible health effects of exposure to many parts of the spectrum, not all frequencies have been fully researched. Further, some of this research has suggested that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) may produce a broad range of health effects such as cancer, changes in behaviour, memory loss, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. While insufficient research has been conducted to substantiate these effects, sufficient concerns and perceptions of risks have been raised that there is an urgent need for an accelerated programme to provide scientific consensus and clarification of these issues."

Powerlines and Cancer FAQs  "Introduction to a series of questions and answers on the connection between power lines, electrical occupations and cancer; includes discussion of the biophysics of interactions with EM sources, summaries of the laboratory and human studies, information on standards, and an annotated bibliography."

Powerwatch   "exists to help the growing number of people wishing to know more about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their reported adverse health effects."

Microwave News EMF and EMR Internet Directory

Electricity Pylons (Vale of York)  House of Commons adjournment debate 24 July 1997

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The Electricity Industry and the Environment
"Electricity is transmitted from power stations and distributed to users through overhead lines, underground cables, substations, switchgear and transformers. Overhead lines at higher voltages are carried by steel towers (electricity pylons) while lower voltage lines are carried on wooden poles. Underground cables are also used for a range of voltages."
"The Soviets have led the way in learning about the risks of electropollution, and, as we have seen, they've apparently been the first to harness those dangers for malicious intent. However, the spectrum of potential weapons extends far beyond the limits of the Moscow signal, and Americans have been actively exploring some of them for many years. Most or all of the following EMR effects can be scaled up or down for use against individuals or whole crowds and armies:"
ELECTROMAGNETICS Forum - Volume1, No.2, Article 1
"On October 31st, the US National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council (NAS/NRC) issued a review of the EMF literature; Possible Health Effects of Exposure to Residential Electric and Magnetic Fields. The conclusions of this report are that there is no conclusive and consistent evidence showing that exposure to residential electric and magnetic fields produces cancer, adverse neurobehavioral effects, or reproductive and developmental defects. Of significant importance are the words, "conclusive and consistent".
WaveGuide - Bibliography of Printed Matter, and Links
"A Brief Bibliography of Printed Matter related to the EMF Bioeffects controversy, with links to other bibliographies."
WaveGuide - Brodeur Testifies Before Nebraska Legislature
"Paul Brodeur Testifies Before Nebraska Legislature: Provides Evidence that Power Line EMFs Cancer Link is Conclusive."
Power-Line EMF Issues and Emerging Guidelines
"Much of the public concern regarding EMFs stems from studies that have suggested that power frequency EMFs, particularly magnetic fields, can cause cancer. The existence of studies reporting contradictory results has, not unexpectedly, cast doubt on the credibility of the studies themselves. Consequently, people have tended to err on the side of safety, choosing, wherever possible, not to be exposed to high levels of EMFs. Such a conservative public reaction can have economic implications."
National Grid
*NZine* The Electromagnetic Radiation Health Threat -
Part I * Electromagnetic Radiation, cancer, leukaemia, health, miscarriage
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