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REVOLT Powerline Concerns Health Hazards Need UK Energy Policy. Pylons obscuring view of north york moors

Health Issues

The Proposed 50 mile (75Km) transmission line with hundreds of pylons through some of the most scenic countryside in Yorkshire and Teesside raises serious Health issues. 

For  a wide summary of EMF and health see http://www.powerlinefacts.com

Precaution in Practice presented at the Children with Leukaemia meeting “Powerlines and health” National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, 5 December 2002 M J O’Carroll
"1. The problem. Concerns expressed by residents and the responses of the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI), NRPB and government indicate a conflict between their various perceptions of national needs and public safety. Here I try to express key perceptions in the conflict in my own terms, aiming to avoid unreasonable perceptual bias and to seek common ground."

Bristol University Human Radiation Effects Group
Covers  published research and also carries a response to findings of the UK Childhood Cancer Study, UKCCS
"There is some confusion as to the nature of the findings of the UK Childhood Cancer Study, UKCCS(1) with regard to proximity to high voltage powerlines. The study actually finds increased childhood cancer in relation to proximity to high voltage powerlines."

Battle lines drawn in pylon debate BBC News Online
"after a week filled with conflicting scientific evidence over the health risks of living near power lines, BBC News Online examines what the latest figures mean." 11/99

Experts link power lines to cancer (Guardian)
 "Evidence reported to link power lines with cancers is to be published by a team at Bristol university after doing experiments on the electromagnetic fields which surround the cables." 11/99

NIEHS REPORT on Health Effects from Exposure to Power-Line Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields June 1999

Possible link between power lines and childhood cancer  Sept 1998
"A team from Bristol University has discovered the answer to a riddle which has puzzled scientists for many years. Epidemiological studies carried out in many places suggest that there is a link between high electromagnetic (EM) fields (such as those around power lines) and childhood leukaemia. But this was only a statistical association. It was not a demonstrated ‘cause and effect’. The bio-mechanism which might lead to a higher cancer risk was missing.  Now the Bristol team believe they have found the answer."

The radon effect in electromagnetic fields M J O'Carroll, April 1997
"On 14 February 1996 Henshaw announced [1] experimental results showing enhanced deposition of harmful radon products upon surfaces in the presence of power frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs)."

Public health concern about electromagnetic fields from electricity supply.
Professor M J O'Carroll Presented to the ADC conference on 28.11.96
"This paper aims to give a balanced and rational account of public health concerns about exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from electricity supply systems. It is written to advise non-scientific members of the public and local and national government from a scientific perspective. It was first produced for a BBC Radio 4 Helpline and a Public Local Inquiry. Unlike official and industrial advisory papers It describes the public concerns and their associated field levels, assesses those concerns and puts them in perspective, recognising the Official and Industrial position."

Prudent avoidance   Professor M J O'Carroll
Presented to the ADC conference on 28.11.96 with the accompanying paper "Public health concerns about EMFs from electricity supply".

NIEHS (USA) Press release 24th June 1998  
"An international panel of experts convened by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reported to the institute today that electric and magnetic fields like those surrounding electric power lines should be regarded as a "possible human carcinogen". Summary of the  report itself

The International EMF Project was established by The World Health Organisation  in 1996.
"Technologies using the electromagnetic spectrum have provided immense benefits and reshaped the way we communicate, practice medicine, travel, conduct business and manufacture goods. While extensive research has been conducted into possible health effects of exposure to many parts of the spectrum, not all frequencies have been fully researched. Further, some of this research has suggested that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) may produce a broad range of health effects such as cancer, changes in behaviour, memory loss, Parkinsons and Alzheimer's diseases. While insufficient research has been conducted to substantiate these effects, sufficient concerns and perceptions of risks have been raised that there is an urgent need for an accelerated programme to provide scientific consensus and clarification of these issues."

Links to sites with more information and further links.

National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB)

Powerlines and Cancer FAQs "Introduction to a series of questions and answers on the connection between power lines, electrical occupations and cancer; includes discussion of the biophysics of interactions with EM sources, summaries of the laboratory and human studies, information on standards, and an annotated bibliography."

Powerwatch   "exists to help the growing number of people wishing to know more about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their reported adverse health effects."

Microwave News EMF and EMR Internet Directory

Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones

REVOLT  Links page a collection of links on EMF, power transmission and related subjects.

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