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Borrowby Meeting

Reports of National Grid's consultative/charm offensive meetings with various villages due to be disrupted by the building of the proposed line.  Report Index

Public Meeting at Borrowby Village Hall on 16th February 2000 to discuss issues connected with the proposed Overhead Transmission Line Picton to Shipton


The meeting was well attended. It appeared to be the intention of the National Grid Company to make the village feel that the construction of the overhead line was now settled and agreed and they only needed to deal with possible interference between their Contractor and the General Public.

Questions of a fundamental nature were raised by the public and some questions of fact. The answers given by NGC were what they wanted to believe and were generally incomplete. The impression given by the NGC representatives was that any answers they gave were the best shot at an answer but were not necessarily binding on NGC.

There was much unfinished business which requires further discussion and more precise answers. NGC could/would not understand that their enthusiasm for large pylons which enabled them to earn more revenue and their refusal to underground the cables was not shared by those living in the area.

 The following issues were raised:

1. Interference with Borrowby village

2. Adequacy of roads

3. Safety

4. Unacceptable behaviour

5. Justification for the overhead line

6. Stringing cables

7. Damage to trees and hedgerows

8. Way leaves

9. Date for Construction

Public Meeting held at Borrowby 16 February 2000


The Borrowby Parish Council

Mr Derek Bell (Chairman)
Mr Ralph Ford
Mr David Harrison
Mr Ian Hebburn
Mrs Joan Hebburn ( Clerk to PC)

Absent Mrs Hey

National Grid Company (NGC)

Mr Stuart Grant
Mr Guy Bradbury
Mr Scott Stevenson

NYCC - Highways

Ms Pam Johnson

Members of General Public

approx. 100

Mr Derek Bell chaired the meeting.

The meeting was opened by Mr Grant who issued copies of their information sheet on the construction of the Overhead Transmission Line , Picton - Shipton.. The information sheet covered hours of work, working days and the number of vehicle movements associated with the works(a copy is attached). A map of vehicle routes was issued to the PC (a copy of this map is also attached).

Mr Grant then asked for questions and the following matters were raised and replies given.

1. Interference with Village life

NGC agreed to erect notices excluding their construction traffic from Borrowby village (as BP did for their pipeline).The principal roads to be used are the A19 and the Allerton Wath Roads. The vehicle movements forecast are 2637. These figures exclude road improvement works. It was confirmed by NGC that the movements shown were those included in their various applications to Hambleton District. Ms Johnson said their count was 1200 vehicles/day on the Allerton Wath Road (= 600 return journeys /day) so the increase in traffic was not large.

2. Adequacy of Roads

The largest piece of equipment to be moved was a 57 te capacity wheeled crane which would be used successively on each tower. Ms Johnson advised that all vehicles movements over 38 te GVW would have to be notified seven days in advance. No checking of bridge adequacy had been carried out or requested.

Mr Grant said road improvements comprised curbs and road edges only and that NGC had already consulted with the Police and Highway authority

3. Safety

There had been complaints about unsafe working practices during the geotechnical survey. NGC had stated at the time that no injuries had been sustained therefore there was no problem. NGC undertook to have a comprehensive safety plan in place before work started.

 4. Unacceptable Behaviour

Two employees of NGC had been accused of harassment but had not been disciplined. A request was made that they should not been employed on this project if it went ahead. The Chairman ruled this subject was not one for the meeting

5. Justification for the Overhead Line

Mr Grant believed the overhead line was necessary to enable surplus power from Teesside Power (Enron) to be fed south and allow Scottish Power to sell more power into England. This was necessary to keep the competitive pressure on electricity prices.

The Electricity Regulator wanted to end the concession on the NGC licence to operate the existing Yorkshire Interconnector outside UK standards. Mr Grant said Teesside Power was occasionally operating on less than full capacity because of lack of capacity on the overhead lines. NGC were required to have spare capacity on the system and the new line capacity was not excessive.

6. Stringing Cables over Roads and Fields

NGC will erect scaffolding over roads when stringing cables. NGC appear to think they can do as they wish on farmers land and had no plans to fence the land over which the overhead lines would be strung.

7. Damage to Trees and Hedgerows

The correct numbers were not to hand but there were approx. 80 trees in the parish to be felled. NGC said they would plant four trees for each tree felled. However they had no agreements in place for replanting and were dependant on landowners goodwill or public land being made available.

8. Way leaves

A Landowner reminded the meeting that there were way leaves which had not been granted.

9. Proposed date for start of Construction

NGC could not give a date for start of Construction.

The meeting closed about 2105 hrs, there being much unfinished business.

Another similar meeting is to be held at Knayton on 21 February at 17.30 hrs.

NGC offered a further meeting with no preconditions if this was required.


NGC Maps Drg. 22/25115 sheets 7 and 8

NGC Un referenced information sheet for Borrowby

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