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REVOLT 26/9/00


Riot Police

Revolt is marking its 10th year of peaceful protest against the National Grid’s ugly and dangerous pylons by inviting the 200 police officers, understood to have received riot training, to the Revolt AGM to be held at Thirsk Town Hall at 7.30pm. Thurs. October 5th.


The police officers learnt the anti-rioter techniques to counter an imaginary protest group called ‘CABLE’. REVOLT is keen to distance itself from the imaginary CABLE and to point out to the North Yorkshire Police that to date all the belligerent activity witnessed so far has been perpetrated by the National Grid.

This has been committed in a series of acts of intimidation against landowners, false accusations against protesters, resulting in lost court cases and scare-mongering in high places about the nature and scale of the North Yorkshire protests. Revolt would welcome the opportunity to emphasise to North Yorkshire Police that our protests are lawful and just.

Olympian T-Shirt.

REVOLT has produced a T-Shirt To commemorate the first ten years of peaceful protest and reflect the Olympian battle between country lovers and the multi-million £, National Grid Co.

The suitably Olympic design by a local artist shows a torch in the guise of an upturned pylon.

The T-Shirt is available at the cost price of £5, orders on 01845 522225.

The photo modelled by Kate Oldershaw and Sophie Barr both pupils of Thirsk School can be downloaded for publication from the revolt website.

New health evidence

Further damming evidence about the harmful effects of pylon radiation has been published by professor Henshaw of Bristol University, reinforcing the link between pylons and cancer.

The report suggests that people in the vicinity of high tension powerlines are up to 29% more likely to contract certain cancers. The National Grid with its huge exposure to possible litigation, will doubtless stick its head firmly in the sand and dismiss this report as unproven.

Deadly Combination for Thirsk

Thirsk residents should note well that the body of evidence makes the link between sources of pollutants such as major roads and power lines. If National Grid gets its way then Thirsk will be ring fenced by such a deadly combination! Local Schools such as Knayton primary will be effectively sandwiched by powerlines and airborne pollutants and several others will be in close proximity. Parents should be asking whether this is an acceptable risk to their children so that National Grid can make profits?

Peter Edmonds of the Northallerton NFU will be at the AGM to discuss these important new developments.

REVOLT contacts:-

  • T_Shirts- Sarah Costley 01845 522225

  • Mike Barr 01845 537247

  • Prof. Mike O'Carroll 01609 882501

  • Landowners contacts:-

  • Chapman family 01609 883340

  • Bellerby family 01609 772850

  • http://www.revolt.co.uk

REVOLT T Shirts Modeled by Students from Thirsk School

Revolt T Shirts Modelled by Students from Thirsk School

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