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18th September 2000




Yorkshire is set to become a mini Amazon if National Grid gets started tree clearing and hedge bulldozing to make room for its bitterly opposed pylons.

Huge numbers of irreplaceable mature trees will be lost as a recent Revolt poll of just 27 of the 100+ landowners along the line shows 818 trees including majestic 250 year old oaks will be felled to fuel National Grids profits by generating electricity in the north and transmitting it wastefully to the south . Using the survey figure as an average, over the whole line would mean some 3000 trees in total, a veritable forest!


National Grid's laughable scheme to replace each killed tree with 4 saplings has astonishingly gained the support of the Secretary of State. The scheme depends on land being given up free of charge by hard pressed farmers! A legal condition has been placed on National Grid to ensure that trees are replaced. The agreed scheme ensures nothing and effectively places the onus on landowners not the National Grid, to "landscape" the ugly pylons.

Sleight of hand

This arrogant sleight of hand is so typical of National Grid that protesters are to challenge the Secretary of State's decision by requesting a judicial review. It would seem that the Secretary of State is listening carefully to the National Grid whilst turning a deaf ear to protesters.

Listening to the Public/Direct Action

Whilst the government stands accused of not listening to the public over the recent fuel crisis, Revolt would like to emphasise to National grid that the public, the parish, county and district councils and politicians of all parties have stood four square against the National Grid's plans for the past 10 years!

REVOLT contacts:-

Mike Barr 01845 537247 Prof. Mike O'Carroll 01609 882501

Landowners contacts:-

Chapman family 01609 883340 Bellerby family 01609 772850

Revolt Website:- http://www.revolt.co.uk


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