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Road Closures

From 24/03/2001

Road Closure sign S Kilvington ?wrong place?NYCC has made very unsatisfactory arrangements for road closures for NGC's work, starting 24 February. A statement of objections is attached  Objectors will need to plan resistance at very short notice. Revolt will seek legal advice.

The notices should be withdrawn, reviewed and re-served. They are quite wrong and unacceptable.

We have already explained their incorrectness to NYCC in connection with Upsall Lane, South Kilvington, but NYCC went ahead and served it anyway, slipping in Welbury and Appleton Wiske without any prior notice whatsoever, breaking the undertaking we understood them to give. This may be a try-on to see if NGC can rush through their work with minimum notice and maximum road closure to hide what they are doing.

Objectors will be writing to NYCC to call for withdrawal, review and re- serving of notices.

Here is the plain text statement of objections:


to Mr Jeremy Walker, Chief Executive, NYCC, County Hall, Northallerton DL7 8AD tel 01609 780780, fax 01609 778199, email chief.exec@northyorks.gov.uk

against the proposed closure of roads from Welbury and Appleton Wiske from Feb 2001:

1. The NYCC notice in Darlington & Stockton Times 9.2.01 states unambiguously and absolutely that vehicles will be prohibited from 24.2.01 to 2.9.01 inclusive. A tentative sentence later in the notice suggests the work will take about three weeks, but that does not refute the statement about prohibiting vehicles. The notice is unsatisfactory. A correct notice should be served.

2. NYCC officers undertook to inform the public and seek views before local decisions were made. In particular parishes were to be informed. This has not happened with these road closures. The formal notice 9.2.01 and road signs 16.2.01 appeared without prior warning.

3. The duration of road closure is excessive. If the work is really to take about three weeks, then the closure period from 24 February to 2 September is grossly disproportionate. Closing the road for even the three weeks should be unnecessary. Planning applications suggested that temporary traffic lights would be installed without road closure. Road closure briefly for resurfacing is one thing, longer closure for building NGC accesses is another, and quite unnecessary.

4. The length of road to be closed is unreasonable. The publicly declared work for NGC is for verge crossings at the bridle-way to South View Farm and two places west of Tilesheds. No contractor traffic was to use the road on the Welbury side of the accesses. It is unnecessary to close the whole road from the level crossing at Welbury to the junction with the Harlsey - Rounton road. People may want to drive up to monitor and photograph the damage.

5. Traffic from Welbury to the A19, especially to Teesside, use either the road past Tilesheds or the road through Appleton Wiske and on to Picton or Worsall. The closure notices indicate simultaneous closure of both these roads, which is unnecessary and compounds the inconvenience.

6.Planning Condition 11 on the NGC consent for this project states "Work in connection with the development shall be undertaken in dry weather conditions and when the soil is in a dry state". The soil is NOT in a dry state in terms of the relevant definition. Further there are excessive ruts on the verges, even where contractors vehicles have placed the road-sign near the level crossing.

7. NGC and contractors are not allowed access on to any private land without express agreement of landowner and occupier. While building the verge crossing they may not trespass on to the private land, for example to turn vehicles or operate machinery. Assurances are needed that this will be observed before any work should be permitted. Notices and arrangements for these works are clumsy, provocative and unnecessarily inconvenient. If they are not reviewed and re-served, residents will feel justified in resisting the closure and work. Legal advice is being sought on this point.

- Mike O'Carroll


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