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REVOLT Powerline Concerns Health Hazards Need UK Energy Policy Press Release 10/11/99

Public Statement on an informal meeting  between Revolt representatives and NYCC officers 10.11.99

A constructive and helpful informal meeting was held at County Hall on 10 November between two representatives of Revolt and two senior officers of NYCC.

It was confirmed that there is no shift in the County's position, which remains one of opposition to the National Grid line. It is recognised that the Council's powers to act in opposition are limited. The County does have to make decisions on applications made by National Grid to make verge crossings off unclassified roads, and on applications for traffic control. The County also has the power to comment on highways aspects of applications put to Hambleton DC for planning approval for verge crossings off classified roads. Both Councils are must deal with these matters in a fair and reasonable manner, based only on material highways and planning considerations.

At the heart of public concerns was the process by which decisions were made, formerly by officers alone under the Scheme of Delegation. Officers now agree that the issue is politically sensitive and are putting the question of the decision making process to Members at a special Subcommittee meeting tomorrow (Thursday 11 November).

Officers will also enhance the decision making process by making the information public and seeking views before decisions are made.

Revolt welcomes these steps and will seek to reassure objectors about them and the County's position.
Mike O'Carroll, Chairman of Revolt 10.11.99


REVOLT - Special Press Release  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9/11/99

The statement below is in response to a press release issued today by North Yorkshire County Council - contact Geoff Fell 01609 780780 ext 2588.

Response from Prof Mike O'Carroll, Chairman of REVOLT to North Yorks CC Press Release: "Tension over pylons plans"

It is true that members of the public have expressed concerns that the County Council and officers in particular may have been too co-operative with National Grid. These concerns were expressed at a public meeting held by Revolt in October, and were carefully recorded and communicated to the County Council.

I am not aware of any misleading information being circulated, except for the many misleading items issued by National Grid which objectors have identified in detail to the Council, and for an apparent factual error in the County's press release (see below).

There is to be a meeting tomorrow morning of myself and a colleague from Revolt with the Chief Executive of the County Council to clear up any misunderstandings there may be, so that we can continue to co-operate in our common policy of opposition to the pylons.

The public concern expressed was about the process followed by the County. At the heart of the concern was the County officers' refusal to deem the issue politically sensitive, and hence to refer it to Councillors for decision. That refusal puzzled objectors. Instead, officers were taking decisions themselves in private without the accountability of Councillors' decisions. The County's declaration that matters will now be referred to Councillors is therefore very welcome.

There remain many specific questions, especially where highways work would damage the character of very small country lanes and would be unwelcome, and where the public may feel there are better alternative routes which should be considered.

The statement in the County's press release that "none of the other people living along Hagg Lane have expressed any concerns" would appear to be factually incorrect, as strong letters of objection from at least two families along Hagg Lane were delivered to the County Council last week.

It would be premature, and perhaps impolite, for me to comment further prior to our private meeting tomorrow.

Prof. Mike O'Carroll, Chairman, REVOLT

Contact: Mike O'Carroll  Chairman of REVOLT (Rural England Versus Overhead Line Transmission)
Garden House,Welbury, Northallerton DL6 2SE   Tel/Fax 01609 882501

NGC access points status table (updated 09/05/2000) gives details of the planning status and number of vehicle movements. 

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