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An incident at Alan Turner's farm at Pintail Nest, Winton (beside the A684 Northallerton-Osmotherley road) shows National Grid in their true colours. Correspondence now shows the illegality of National Grid.

Not only did National Grid and contractor personnel enter Alan's farm illegally over a locked gate against his express refusal of permission, they also refused to leave when asked to do so by Alan, then by his agent Robert Steel from Strutt and Parker, then by North Yorkshire Police whom Alan had called to the scene.

Correspondence confirms that National Grid entered unlawfully, relying on the powers of their compulsory wayleave, which does not permit them to enter against the landowner's refusal, as confirmed through a formal parliamentary answer. We have made this clear to National Grid before, but they persist in unlawful entry.

North Yorkshire Police do not want to intervene in a civil matter, though their own legal advice confirms Revolt's position that the entry is unlawful.

When can landowners count on the Police to evict unlawful intruders? This is too sensitive an issue to condone National Grid's behaviour and stand by letting them get away with it.

REVOLT calls on North Yorkshire Police to stand up for the law abiding landowners against the unlawful bullies of National Grid. Failing that, landowners and protesters will have to use reasonable force to evict the unlawful trespassers, which we would rather leave to our professional police service.

REVOLT calls on NGC to apologise, admit it is in the wrong, and undertake not to repeat its unlawful activity, otherwise REVOLT will take matters further.

PRESS REPORT ENDS ... contact details and background follow

A detailed report and 
follow up letter

Contacts: landowner Alan Turner 01609 882310
REVOLT Chairman Mike O'Carroll 01609 882501
Land agent Robert Steel (who has just left Strutt and Parker but is on mobile 07885 575962

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