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Revolt Newsletter 99


1. The Revolt AGM is scheduled for Friday 23 November 2001 7.30 p.m. at Thirsk Town Hall.

2. Next Tuesday 16 October sees the start of wayleave hearings at the Sundial Hotel, Northallerton, at 10.00 a.m. The Baines and Robinson families who farm near Rounton Gates have sustained their objections to NGC's proposals and have refused to sign voluntary wayleaves. The hearings arise since Hambleton and North Yorkshire Councils refused to agree NGC's proposed route coming within 100 metres of cottages at Rounton Gates, which agreement was required by a formal condition of consent. The Councils proposed a diversion, but NGC persisted with its original route. It then fell, under another formal condition, to Secretary of State to resolve the dispute. He sent inspector Vernon Gamon to visit and report. Mr Gamon rejected NGC's route, but suggested another diversion. Now NGC has applied for any of the three routes. The inspector for the hearing next week is Mr Butler, who presided at the aborted CPO hearings last year for the undergrounding at Nunthorpe- Newby, and who was also the administrative officer at the 1995 inquiries.

3. The landowners will be represented next week by Derek Tyson of Northallerton Estate Agency. He will call Peter Edmonds, NFU, and myself as witnesses. Peter is presenting new evidence on the health issue, which substantiates the rational grounds for concern of the landowners and residents, who will be exposed to significant levels of magnetic fields associated with childhood leukaemia, as well as to the charged particles demonstrated in Professor Henshaw's research. I am making summative remarks on the health issue and am presenting evidence to challenge the need for the Picton-Shipton line in view of new developments. My evidence is appended 

4. Just today I have received a letter from Professor Henshaw with details of important new research papers. From American Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 154, No. 7, 1.10.01, a world-leading journal, two papers are important: (a) Davis et al report a reduction in night-time melatonin production in women exposed to elevated magnetic fields in the home; (b) Levallois et al report reports a significant trend of decreasing nocturnal melatonin production in older women living near a 725 kV powerline in Quebec. Melatonin production is important in regard to anti-cancer effects among other things. There are other papers reporting that the cancer-treatment drug Tamoxifen is inhibited in the presence of quite modest magnetic fields, reported at 1.2 microTesla. That level would occur up to 150 metres from NGC's proposed line and therefore at the Baines's and Robinson's farms as well as cottages at Rounton Gates. The Tamoxifen papers are: (c) Harland et al, Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, Vol. 31, 295-306, 1999; (d) Liburdy et al, J Pineal Res, Vol. 14, 89-97, 1993; (e) Review Article: The Lancet, Vol. 351, 1451-1467, 16.5.98.

Mike O'Carroll

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