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Revolt Newsletter 96


1. FMD is creeping southwards roughly along the existing 400kV grid line near Thirsk. A case was reported 8.8.01 on a farm at Bagby, and on 9.8.01 there were culling teams along the A19 south of Thirsk. The whole proposed Picton - Shipton line is in the bio-security zone, with actual cases slowly making their way southwards within the zone, so it looks as though there will be no work on the line for months.

2. Tragedy hit Enron's TPL power station on Teesside 8.8.01. Two workers were killed in an explosion and a third died in hospital the next day from his injuries. A fourth is injured but stable. While Revolt loses no sleep over Enron's setbacks, we of course regret injury and loss of life and extend our sympathy to the workers and their families. It was reported that the accident occurred while the plant was down for maintenance. The new Redcar MP Vera Baird called for an inquiry. The safety record at the power station is controversial, according to the Northern Echo 9.8.01. A series of accidents occurred in construction and a man died in 1992. There were other accidents and three years ago a court fined Enron 25,000.

3. NGC's July 2001 Seven Year Statement Update includes the following: "Overhead Line Projects. With the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease, construction work on a number of transmission projects has been affected." Details include: * reconductoring Blyth-Harker circuits likely to be completed during 2002; * reconductoring Norton - Spennymoor circuits likely to be completed during 2003; * Norton - Thornton & Lackenby - Thornton Circuits (Second Yorkshire Line) - the construction of the new sections of underground cable and overhead line to form these circuits is likely to be completed during 2003.

4. Item from Australia found at http://www.abc.net.au/rural/vic/stories/s108865.htm  "Revolt Group Fight Basslink In UK" - Julie Doyle "They may be on the other side of the world but farmers in the United Kingdom have something in common with those in Gippsland. National Grid, the company that recently won the tender to build, own and operate the Basslink project, is also trying to build an above ground power line across the English countryside. As it has in Gippsland, the idea of pylons has outraged the local communities. Revolt have been waging a long-running battle against National Grid and say the No Pylons group need to stick together to make an impact.

5. Hambleton planning decisions can be found on the web at http://www.hambleton.gov.uk/hambleton/environment.nsf/pages/applist.html  RECENT DECISIONS - officer dealing : Mrs L Spiller (01609 767174) Application number : 2/01/018/0063A, Access off Race Lane, Brafferton, for NGC Application number : 2/01/122/0131A, Access off West Moor Road, Raskelf, for NGC Both above cases: delegated decision date : 19.07.01, to permit an extension of time Also a NEW APPLICATION: Application Number: 2/01/139/0452A Date Registered: 13 July 2001 Proposal: Construction of telecoms equipment accommodation module and standby generator Location: Sowerby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Applicant: NGC

-- Mike O'Carroll

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