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Revolt Newsletter 89


1. Three more NGC access applications have come before Hambleton DC. They are all for an extension of time for the formation of, or for an alteration to, previously considered applications. The letters I have received do not give details of the works or alterations, but these would be available at Hambleton DC planning office.
First, off Race Lane, Brafferton, old ref. 2/99/018/0063, new ref. 2/01/018/0063A.
Second, off West Moor Rd, Raskelf (alteration), old ref. 2/99/122/0131, new ref. 2/01/122/0131A.
Third, off A19 & A168 carriageway, Sowerby, old ref. 2/99/139/0529, new ref. 2/01/139/1529A.
Comments required to Hambleton DC by 30 June.

2. Back in May, NGC's solicitors Hammond Suddards Edge (HSE) wrote to advise of NGC's appeal against Hambleton's rejection of three access applications at Kirby Sigston, refs. 2/99/500/0092A, 2/99/085/0044 and 2/99/085/0045. Responses were required by 30 May to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol.
I wrote on behalf of Revolt 24 May but have not yet had a reply. My submission was critical of the poor communication received, and the unclear and uncertain address given for the Planning Inspectorate, as well as local points about the accesses and including the report of the incident at Pintail Nest relating to the care needed in dealing with NGC's claims.
Since then, Hambleton DC has written, with a copy of NGC's appeals statements, to advise that the Inspectorate will deal with the Appeals by written procedures plus a site visit, but no hearing.
Inspectorate Ref. Nos. are APP/G2713/A/01/1064910 - 1064912.
The new 6 week period for written comments to the Inspectorate started 24 May and ends therefore 5 July. Hambleton has now produced its written statement. All the documents are available for inspection at Stonecross. Details of the Planning Inspectorate are at www.planning-inspectorate.gov.uk. I expect to make further comments when I have seen Hambleton's statements.

3. Report from a farmer near Seamer tells of NGC pressure to get agreement to access over his land to pylon sites on the neighbouring farm. NGC are not entitled to do this. They require landowners' agreement. Landowners should not be browbeaten into agreeing access. NGC are pursuing the accesses needed for the Lackenby - Picton line, which Revolt doesn't oppose in principle.

4. Reports received that
(a) NGC has dug a hole (but left it for the last month or so) at the angle tower site by the sewage works at Sowerby, near the Thirsk bypass, and
(b) staff at Fountains Forestry, who have the NGC contract regarding trees, are dreading it.

5. Rumours suggest NGC may be due to start work soon. NYCC say that, as far as they or NGC know, there will be no work on the line in the foreseeable future due to FMD. NYCC asked, and NGC agreed, that NGC will let all parishes know when they intend to start work again. As for highways work, NYCC policy is that they are not working within 3 km of declared FMD cases. Negotiations with landowners and agents over access near the FMD-free southern end of the line are still proceeding. Arrangements are not yet agreed. There is to be a meeting next week.

6. Channel 4 TV news ran a feature yesterday criticising Enron, the biggest donor to the Bush campaign and sponsor of the Labour Party, over its new 3 billion dollar gas-fired power station in India, the largest in the world. Problem is, it is a financial rip-off which India can't afford and which ties them into long term purchase of electricity at three times the going rate.

Mike O'Carroll

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