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Revolt Newsletter 84


1. Members might like to ask candidates in the forthcoming elections what their position is on NGC's proposed pylons, just to keep them on the ball. Greg Stone (Libdem, Vale of York) reports he has included reference to Revolt in his campaign material.

2. Reply received from Ofgem, from John Scott (ex NGC) who has succeeded Brian Wharmby as Technical Director, to my further questions on derogation. Before 1998, 43 indefinite (unlimited in time) derogations were granted in 1990. None were for security standard PLM-SP2 and 2 were for stability standard ST4 (which is what would remain noncompliant south of Picton after closure of Blyth). My question about continuing need for derogation after closure of Blyth was simply referred to NGC, who of course say that their assessment is that they still need the line. I am pursuing it further.

3. The awful spectre of Foot and Mouth has penetrated well into North Yorkshire. First it crossed the A1 a week or two ago to reach Danby Wiske and East Cowton, and now it has crossed the A167 Northallerton - Darlington road to reach Picton on the NGC line route. The Northern Echo 26.4.01 reports the outbreak at Picton Grange Farm. D&ST 27.4.01 reports the new policy of sparing neighbouring non-dangerous stock looks like saving David Dugdale's farm at Crathorne. Fingers crossed.

4. Phil Willis MP (Harrogate and Knaresborough) is promoting an internet petition against mobile phone masts. The government has refused to change the planning system in line with the Stewart Report, which called for all such masts to require full planning consent. Phil Willis said "At present the system is biased towards mobile phone companies ... people are being forced to suffer phone masts within feet of their homes and schools. The petition is at http://www.freespace.virginnet.co.uk/mast.action

5. Maureen Asbury leads a pylons protest group Trentham Environmental Action Campaign in the Stoke on Trent area. They have appeared on GMTV and are soon to meet Alan Milburn, Secretary of State for Health, on the EMF issue. They are concerned, quite rightly, not just about the cancer risks, but also about other potential effects for which there is some evidence, such as depression and suicide, which have been virtually ignored by NRPB, DTI and DOH. Maureen has pressed NRPB and secured a response that its Advisory Group on Non Ionising Radiation will consider non-cancer effects at its next meeting. She can be contacted at maureenasbur@hotmail.com (no y after asbur).

6. Stockton BC gave notice 25.4.01 of another NGC access application, for Entrance E57 near Sandhills Farm off the road from Picton to the A67. Deadline for objections is 14 days, ie 9 May. Revolt does not oppose the Lackenby-Picton line in principle, but I will raise a questions about NGC keeping away while foot and mouth is about. Have they been visiting farms around Picton recently, where the recent outbreak has occured?

Mike O'Carroll


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