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Revolt Newsletter 83


1. Ofgem have sent full details of recent transmission derogations. Revolt's interest is that the present temporary derogations, which permit the grid to take power from the Teesside (TPL) power station without the new grid line, might be continued or made permanent. There are several precedents of permanent ("indefinite") derogations; they are mainly for standards P2/5 and OM3, whereas the present derogations for the North East are PLM-SP1, SP2, ST4 and OM3. 
Now that Blyth A and B power stations in Northumberland have closed, the only derogation needed to abandon the Picton-Shipton line would be ST4. The temporary derogations in the North East have been extended several times since 1993, most recently from January 2000 to October 2002. I am pursuing questions with Ofgem about indefinite derogation for ST4 to allow abandoning the Picton-Shipton line, though it is likely it would need NGC to apply for it.

2. Darlington & Stockton Times editorial 6.4.01, headlined "Not so friendly", addresses the mooted world's largest urban windfarm on derelict land on the south bank of the Tees, following the cut back of British Steel (Corus). The DST points out that transmission implications have been overlooked, and refers to Revolt's arguments about transmission losses. It is similar to my letter to the Northern Echo  which was published 7.4.01 and claimed that the urban windfarm would be a jobs desert.

3. The Times 9.4.01 claims the House of Lords is about to uphold a High Court ruling that Secretary of State foe the Environment should not decide planning appeals as he would be judge in his own cause. Revolt news74.7 reported 8.2.01 that Minister Nick Rainsford corrected an earlier Times piece on the subject, saying it was not the High Court but the Divisional Court which ruled on 4 test cases. Rainsford said that the government would appeal to the Lords, well, here it is, at least in anticipation by the Times. It says a judgement against the government in the so-called "Alconbury case" would force a rewriting of Britain's planning process. As in my letter to the Times 21.12.00, I will be pursuing the point, a fortiori, in respect of DTI Sec of State deciding powerline consents. See also Revolt news 73.6, 71.5, 65.4.

4. Applications for more NGC accesses have been received at Stockton BC: (a) entrance E57 near Sandhills Farm off Picton-A67 road, (b) temp. road at Whitehall Farm, Yarm and (c) entrance E55 near Sand Hills Farm off Picton-A67 road. They are for the Lackenby-Picton line which Revolt does not oppose in principle. Objections should be at Stockton BC by 3 May.

5. The forthcoming elections have been postponed to 7 June. North Yorkshire County is up for re-election in all its seats, but Hambleton DC and the ex-Cleveland unitary authorities Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland are not re-elected this year. It is widely expected that national parliamentary elections will be set for June 7 as well, though it has yet to be confirmed.

6. Over many years Revolt has enjoyed support from all the parties, at council, MP and MEP levels, and from sources as varied as Arthur Scargill and the Archbishop of York. Over the last session, Vale of York MP Anne McIntosh (Con) has raised so many parliamentary questions and debates on pylons she should be in the Guinness Book of Records. She has also raised issues energetically with NGC and others. At last year's Revolt AGM, Vale of York PPCs Greg Stone (Libdem) and Chris Jukes (Lab) gave their support and have kept in touch since.

7. Hambleton DC Councillors John Coulson (Ind), Frank Wade (Ind) and Mollie Haigh (Libdem) have been especially helpful and vigilant in scrutinising and objecting to NGC road access applications. Hambleton is not up for re-election, but John Coulson (Ind) is also the present NYCC councillor for Brompton Division and is standing again on 7 June. Revolt Secretary Robert Adamson (Libdem) is standing for NYCC in Easingwold Division where he lives, and is also PPC for Darlington.

8. Prompted by the Revolt Committee, I am standing for NYCC in Appleton Wiske Division, where I live. I do so not as a single issue Revolt candidate, but as a genuine Independent standing against candidates from all three main parties. Revolt is strictly non-party-political.

North Yorkshire County Council Independent Candidates site

Mike O'Carroll


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