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Revolt Newsletter 76


1. Innogy plc (formerly half of National Power) has produced literature on its new fuel-cell system Regenesys (news72.6 & 65.5). Electricity generated off-peak can be stored and used for the daily 6pm peak. Innogy say storage plants "located at key points on the supply system, would help maintain voltage and frequency stability". The only remaining non-compliance of Picton-Shipton is in stability, even on NGC's case, now that both Blyth power stations have closed. Innogy also say the storage plants would "reduce the need for new transmission lines". ( http://www.innogy.com , regenesys@innogy.com)

2. Hambleton Planning Committee met 7.12.00 (rejecting 2 NGC accesses at Newby and approving 2 at Seamer, on the Lackenby-Picton section), then on 4.1.01, 1.2.01 and 22.2.01, with no NGC applications listed. Future meetings are 22.3.01 and 19.4.01. You can see all the Planning Applications a week before the meetings at reception (or at the planning office) at Hambleton DC, Stonecross.

3. The application for a working and storage compound at Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate has been withdrawn. That was to have replaced the compound at Reynard's Yard, Flawith Rd, Tholthorpe Airfield, but Hambleton say (15.2.01) that the Tholthorpe compound remains approved.

4. Highways work is proceeding in preparation for NGC. NYCC published a notice of closure of Upsall Lane, South Kilvington and roads at Welbury and Picton prohibiting vehicles from 24 Feb to 2 Sept inclusive, stating unambiguously that the closure would be for more than six months, although a later more tentative sentence said the work was expected to take about three weeks. Revolt objected to the grossly disproportionate order and misleading statement. At a Welbury Parish Council meeting 22 Feb NYCC and NGC reps clarified that the closure was only for road works, not for building NGC's accesses, and it would not be invoked again after the three weeks' work. It was clear there had been no consultation with residents or Parish Councils by NYCC or NGC, and no awareness of local conditions and impacts - most unsatisfactory!

5. The outbreak of foot and mouth disease is another unwelcome shock to the farming community. Revolt is asking the local authorities to stop all NGC operations until the position is declared safe.

6. Reports received that NGC went on to Alan Turner's land at Winton on Monday 19 Feb without permission or due notice, despite locked gates, then refused to leave when he and his land agent Robert Steel from Strutt and Parker asked them to. The police were called and also asked NGC personnel to leave but they still refused. These are preliminary reports awaiting confirmation (Alan himself is away now), but it shows that arrogant and unlawful behaviour comes from NGC, not the objectors. Police please note - objectors have long known it.

 Mike O'Carroll


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