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Revolt Newsletter 69



1. Reports of activity 26 Jan at Proudley's farm South Carolina near
Alne. Large wagons delivering materials including aluminium trackway.
Trackway being layed from the farm towards pylon site across the railway
which has to be crossed. 
2. Further reports Sat 27 Jan at 10.00 am that contractors at Carolina
Farm carrying on working since about 7.30 am through heavy rain in
violation of the dry weather condition. Further the heavy lorries and
plain white vans have no identification, other than EVE on heavy lorries,
with no contractor contact details nor NGC phone numbers as promised.
3. This has been reported the same morning by out-of-hours answerphone
message to Hambleton Building Control, to the occupier Tom Proudley and to
NGC information line. None of them answered directly. It has also been
notified to North Yorks Police for information. Numbers are
        Hambleton DC            01609 779977 switchboard
        Hambleton Bdg Control   01609 767223 out-of-hours
        NGC Info Line           0800  833490
        NY Police (Malton)      01723 509601 pylons project
        NY Police               01609 783131 switchboard
4. It is suggested that objectors DO NOT enter land to protest without the
landowner's permission. This has not been given in this case.
5. It will be helpful if objectors make a note of contractors' actions and
violations of conditions, noting the time and place and weather
conditions, and report them to Revolt Pylonwatch co-ordinators:
        Picton - Welbury        01609 882501
        Harlsey - Winton        01609 882310
        Kirby Sigston - Sowerby 01609 883340
        Crosby - Knayton        443
        South Kilvington        01845 523430
        Thirsk                  01845 522225
        Sessay                  01845 501058
        Pilmoor - Alne          01423 360348
        Huby - Shipton          01347 810561

- Mike O'Carroll


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