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 REVOLT News 152

1. A press release 1.10.03 from Anne McIntosh MP (Appendix 1 herewith) challenges the government on the problems of grid security in the wake of power losses in North America and Europe. She calls for more under- grounding and distributed generation. See also news150.5.

2. The Revolt AGM on 2.10.03 was intended to be a low key affair, and the intentions were very well achieved! There had been no public announcement and notice was given only by email news. A number of committee members had sent apologies. Just 10 people attended. Minutes and Treasurer's and Chairman's reports were accepted. It was decided to appoint voluntary auditors from the membership for 2003-04 as there was little activity in the accounts. It was also agreed to reduce the number of web-sites maintained and to replace the lifetime membership fee by a voluntary donation. The committee was re-elected en bloc once again. The formalities completed, there was extended discussion on the legal issues still pursued by Rosalind Craven (news150.2) and other reports of continuing difficulties elsewhere with NG (even their solicitors were apparently Wright Hassle!).

3. Spotted in the Daily Telegraph in September - an article by Yvette Essen titled "Insurers fear wave of claims over pylons". There were several strong quotes from delegates at the under-writers' and brokers' annual conference in Monte Carlo, but nothing official. While the hazard is not yet "proved", clearly the insurers are acknowledging the possibility. There was even talk of EMF being the next asbestos.


APPENDIX 1 - Press Release from Anne McIntosh MP

1 October 2003


McIntosh challenges Government over potential winter power failures

Miss Anne McIntosh, MP for the Vale of York, has today written to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Patricia Hewitt, and the Chairman of the National Grid, David Jeffries, to challenge them on the potential for an energy outage and the capacity of the National Grid network in January to February 2004.

Miss McIntosh said: "Following the catastrophic power failures in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and, of course, London, I am seeking assurances that the National Grid has the capacity to provide energy in the coldest months of the year. Bad weather such as heavy snow and high winds will incur the possibility of overhead power lines being brought down, jeopardising the vital transmission of energy at the harshest time of year.

I am asking Ms Hewitt if, in light of recent events, she has looked at alternatives, such as transmitting energy underground rather than through overhead power lines or generating electricity closer to the source of demand, thereby avoiding the need to transmit electricity over long distances. The public must be able to rely on the network to provide them with a reliable energy supply".

Miss McIntosh has also tabled Parliamentary Questions on the issue, asking Ms Hewitt if she will reconsider the undergrounding of energy transmission and whether she will make a statement to assure the public that the Government is doing everyt hing possible to prevent a future major power failure in the United Kingdom.


More from Miss McIntosh on: 020 7219 4518 (House of Commons) 020 7219 3541 07626 801374 (Pager)

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-- Mike O'Carroll


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