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Revolt News 125


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Revolt News 125

1. URGENT Mrs Craven at Home Farm, Tollerton Rd, Huby Burn, Huby continues with good reason not to grant access to NG to her land. She has raised questions with NG which they have ignored or side-stepped. In particular she raises deep questions about constitutional rights and the abuse of power. Now NG intend to enter her land in any case at 9.00 a.m. on Tuesday 24 September (in 3 days' time). Rosalind may need support. She feels intimidated by NG and intends to invite the press and to seek police protection. If the situation changes I will try to issue a bulletin to this email distribution. map

2. Further proof of intimidating circumstances appears in a local paper report (Appendix 1 below) of criminal NG security staff breaking the law in travelling to pylon sites. While the rehabilitation of recent ex- prisoners is a laudable aim, using them for security work in a sensitive situation like this is irresponsible. Compounding that with their driving while banned, working without identification and accosting the public (news124.7), is far worse. Scruffy unidentified workers are also reported on the Lackenby - Picton line, wearing yellow safety gear. This is not an isolated error. NG's security practice is to employ intimidating, rough and criminal men to accost the public near their sites. While that is just a reflection of the high-level corporate thuggery we have come to expect from NG like their partners Enron, it really is unacceptable. Thugs in the board room, and thugs on the ground. To underline the point, Charles Waite, the wayleave officer who "looks like a night club bouncer" and intimidated Mrs Bellerby in her own home, has been promoted to a national role according to NG magazine Gridline.

3. Mrs Dari Taylor, MP for Stockton South, met with me yesterday to discuss the Picton - Shipton line and the possibility of removing it together with the existing Norton - Picton line to which it will be joined. The Norton - Picton line goes through a housing estate in west Yarm in her constituency. Dari is going to raise questions about this and expresses her support for our cause. She hopes to attend the AGM on Friday, but this depends on other commitments.

4. A notice of the AGM is below at Appendix 2. Please note the proposed amendments to the constitution.


APPENDIX 1 Item from: Northallerton Thirsk & Bedale Times,
Friday, September 13, 2002

Banned driver broke law to keep 118-hour job

A TEENAGERS desperation to keep his job - even though he often worked 118-hour weeks led him to disregard a court order, magistrates heard on Monday.

The court at Harrogate was told by Geoffrey Rogers, representing 19-year-old Craig Johnson - who pleaded guilty to driving while banned and without insurance - how he was working as a security officer at pylon construction sites all over the north, never knowing from one day to the next which site he would be required at. 

Mr Rogers said Johnson was living in a chalet at the Quernhow Cafe - which was owned by an uncle and aunt beside the A1 at Middleton Quernhow, near Ripon.

Because of his ban his uncle had agreed to ferry him to his work site - which was currently near Selby so he would not lose his job.

But on Saturday the uncle had gone on holiday and in his desperation not to miss a shift, Johnson had borrowed a car and set off on his own. But he had been stopped by police in Boroughbridge.

Mr Rogers said Johnson, who had been released from prison in May had found his job a short time later and was determined to keep it, even though it entailed long hours, sometimes as many as 118 in a week.

Johnson, who also admitted obstructing police by giving false details, was bailed until September 30 so probation reports can be prepared before he is sentenced.




Annual General Meeting

Friday 27 September 2002 at 7.30 p.m.

in Thirsk Town Hall

NOTICE of AGM and Open Meeting

The 2002 AGM and open meeting of Revolt is scheduled as above.

Revolt issued a position statement in July. That is not changed.
It is acknowledged that pylons are going up and Revolt has practically exhausted the available and legal means of stopping them. Revolt does not object to the Lackenby - Picton 400 kV line, which will enable the welcome removal of an existing 275 kV line close to houses in Teesside, but continues to object to the Picton - Shipton line from Teesside to York, and calls for its removal along with the existing Norton - Picton line through west Yarm to which it will connect.

The public are left with a deep sense of grievance at the injustice and waste in proceeding with the Picton - Shipton line. Yet, for a time at least, we and the environment must bear it.

On the ground, there are continuing concerns such as NG intimidating conduct, entering land over locked gates against landowners' instructions, and rough, unidentified characters and vehicles purporting to be NG security.

In the light of the developing situation, the meeting will consider changes to Revolt's constitution.

It is proposed the objectives be changed to read:

3.1 To seek the removal of the Norton - Picton - Shipton 400 kV line;

3.2 To press for a co-ordinated UK energy distribution policy;

3.3 To monitor developments related to powerlines and to liaise with similar organisations.

3.4 To promote a precautionary policy on public health matters relating to powerlines.

It is also proposed to change the committee size from 20 to 10 members.

There will be the usual Open Forum for comments and questions on any related issues.


-- Mike O'Carroll


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