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Revolt Newsletter 105



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1. The Hambleton cabinet today decided to continue support for Revolt for another year, to 31.12.02. This is very welcome and much appreciated. It makes good sense as with construction scheduled to go on for much of next year there is bound to be a need for communication. It is also sensible that Hambleton have put an end-date on what is an ad- hoc arrangement.

2.Next week's wayleave hearings on Thursday 29 November were prompted by Hambleton and NYCC refusing to agree to NGC's proposed position of the line within 100 metres of cottages at Rounton Gates, and by the landowners (Baines and Robinsons) refusing to agree to voluntary wayleaves. After the delay of the hearings from October, to suit NGC, I have submitted a second addendum to my proof of evidence, as new and stronger evidence continues to mount, both on need (or lack of it) and on health. This second addendum is appended below in plain text. The original proof and first addendum were circulated with news99 and news100.

3. Andersen Consulting have been in touch again on their work for the Energy and Transport Directorate of the European Commission concerning Trans-European Networks (TENS). There are two consultations in this work: one on barriers to (and delays in) planning approvals, the other on EMF and health issues. I was interviewed some time ago on the "barriers"; the draft report is in a Word file which I will circulate separately (in case it should mess up this email for some recipients). My response to that draft is appended below in plain text.

4. Three of us have given responses to Andersen Consulting on the health issue, Prof Denis Henshaw (Bristol Univ), Alasdair Philips (Powerwatch) and myself. Our responses are also appended below in plain text.


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