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Revolt Newsletter 101


1. I asked our webmaster Rik Royall for a few lines about site developments. Here they are: The Revolt website went live in June 1998 and now receives an average of 150 page views per day. Hits have been noted from over 50 countries with the UK, Europe, North America, Australia, India and New Zealand predominating. The site has around 120 pages with over 200 external links and a search facility. The site provides a resource for anti pylon campaigners, press and technical media. Site maintenance is carried out by Rik Royall of 3tunweb  on a voluntary basis.

2. The Green Party draws my attention to a campaign to protect the public's right to have a say in planning decisions. They say there is a Government Plan to restrict public input. Check out the Campaign for Planning Sanity (CfPS) at http://www.onlincam.freeserve.co.uk 

3. Again on planning, CPRE Voice autumn 2001 reports government moves to shake up the planning system, which the CBI describes as 'slow and uncertain'. A green paper is promised for the autumn by Stephen Byers, now Sec of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions. He described complex public inquiries as a 'banquet for barristers'.

4. Report from Northern Echo 15.10.01: the Institute for Public Policy Research has called for a shift from large remote power stations to small scale distributed electricity generation, in its report "Power to the People". See also news 98.7.3 for government policy developments in the same direction. It all works against the case for NGC's proposed Picton-Shipton line. Details via http://www.ippr.org.uk/home/ 

5. Hambleton DC has informed affected landowners that an inspector has now been appointed for NGC's appeal over the rejected vehicle accesses at Kirby Sigston. The un-named inspector is to make an unaccompanied site visit in the week beginning 29 October.

6. Items from Microwave News, vol. XXI No. 5, Sep/Oct 2001:
6.1 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has endorsed prudent avoidance of EMFs, advising that decisions on siting powerlines should "consider ways to reduce people's exposures". This follows the IARC classification of powerlines fields as possible human carcinogens. Changing its previous position, in a fact sheet three years ago, the new advice is in Fact Sheet 263 at http://www.who.int/inf-fs/en/fact263.html 
6.2 The WHO now joins Germany and USA in advocating prudent avoidance based on leukaemia risks to children, but it does not go as far as Switzerland and Italy which suggested precautionary exposure limits. The German Radiation Protection Commission's full 56-page report (in German) is at http://www.ssk.de 
6.3 New Japanese research [Ishido and Nitta, Carcinogenesis, 22, 1043-1048, 2001] confirms that magnetic fields (at 1.2 microTesla) block melatonin's ability to check the growth of breast cancer cells. This is the fifth lab to repeat Liburdy's 1992 experiments.

Mike O'Carroll

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