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Revolt Newsletter 100


1. The wayleave hearings for the Baineses and Robinsons at Rounton Gates has been postponed because NGC's barrister has been admitted to hospital. They were due to open tomorrow 16th October but will now be deferred to late November.

2. Meanwhile, I have submitted an Addendum to my Proof of Evidence, to include new material on the health issues, some of which was signalled in news99. Evidence continues to develop, and on a broad front, giving increasing justification to public concerns about effects of powerlines. The Addendum is appended here>>

3. The newsletter Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy, vol. 12 No. 1, came out this month, and included the follow-up correspondence between Sir Richard Doll and Alasdair Philips. See remarks in the Addendum below. Importantly, Doll admits that the NRPB report deliberately avoids giving any advice on whether or not precautionary policy would be appropriate. The government doesn't seem to know this, as it relies on NRPB's absence of recommending precaution as a recommendation against precaution, which it is not. The government therefore crushes any local authority attempt to exercise precaution, and Ministers are circulating Notes saying that NRPB's review was set up "to recommend any further action that should be taken to protect the health of the public". Rather sinister government double talk!

4. Another item from EMHT refers to NRPB's "flawed" document on TETRA, the police radio system. NRPB has repeatedly given false statements that the signals are not pulsed, based on misleading statements from the operators, whereas simple measurements would show that they are pulsed. This has important implications for potential health risks. Same old NRPB!

Mike O'Carroll

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