REVOLT opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter 245

Revolt news 22/12/2007


1. This email news comes to you from a different email address. The old "weights" address has closed. I can in any case be contacted through the revolt web site contacts page.

2. As the year ends, Dermot Finnigan has had professional agents present his case to government (BERR) that the 400 kV NG line next to near Sale was illegally placed in its present position. The case seems to rest on procedural grounds but also raises the general question of safety margins imposing on adjacent landholdings, which could affect many landowners presently uncompensated. Revolt would be pleased to hear from landowners whose boundary is within 10 metres of a transmission line.

3. The new Dutch pylon design (news243.7) is said to get its EMF-reducing effect from two passive-loop conductors below the power circuits, although this might be controversial. It has also been suggested the cross-arms of the pylons may be insulated to allow the conductors to be closer together, which would reduce the spread of EMFs away from the line. However that may risk conductors clashing in high winds. We hope to discover more.

4. Possible underground 380kV AC cables for 65 km at a stretch with exsting technology are suggested in a report about connections to Salzburg in Austria:  Thanks to Krzysztof Kuklinski in Poland for the link, and also the translation site:  which can help with the German language.

5. The extraordinary and tragic case of electrocution of Professor Roland Levinski, a leading medical pioneer and Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth University, by a loose 11kV powerline conductor beside a Devon footpath, was brought to my attention by Diane Reeves O'Neill in Australia, which says something about modern communications. Shame on Western Power. 


6. I hope to set a new local tradition on Saturday 29th December with a Welbury Christmas Lecture. With free admission and aiming at non-technical adults, kids and pensioners alike, I hope to share the wonder of the GREATEST EQUATION EVER as voted by Physics World, and what it means for thinking outside the box. That is Euler's equation linking the magic numbers e, i and pi, in this the 300th anniversary of his birth. At the same time we will discover the exotic species of irrationals and transcendentals (and why they overwhelm us rational beings), a secret dimension of pure imagination, what it really means to go to infinity and beyond, and why it is all central to modern technology. People should know! Anyone is welcome, but please first contact me for details.

Merry Christmas one and all, - Mike





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