REVOLT opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter 224

Revolt news 27/04/2007

***** SPECIAL ISSUE in response to the SAGE report *****

The long awaited SAGE report is published at 2.00 p.m. today.

It is called the First Interim Findings. I won't be saying it's inflammatory if I refer to it as FIA.

A simple question-and-answer response to the FIA is attached. It will also be available at .

The report (FIA) is in two parts: a main report and supporting papers. The main report has an appendix consisting of sets of participants' short comments, limited to 250 words each. These are especially commended as they give a good picture of the range of disagreement.

My set of 250 words is also attached.

At various drafting stages SAGE participants have been able to submit editing amendments for consideration. Some have been adopted. Those of mine which remain unadopted, together with supporting comments, will be on the revolt site.

More can be seen on the science at Professor Denis Henshaw's web site  where some of our joint work in this field can be seen. In particular our joint 3-volume joint paper of "work in progress" on CL+ (i.e. childhood leukaemia plus other associated health impacts) can be seen at: 

One underlying issue is that of public confidence in official advice, particularly scientific advice. Establishment bodies tend to be conservative. They need a better brief to "search and challenge" rather than to exclude and defend (which sometimes seems to be their modus operandi). There are particular concerns about EMF authorities and conflict of interest, even published in the peer-reviewed literature. Any detailed mention of this was excluded from the SAGE FIA, but it is a significant underlying issue. A summary can be seen at the revolt web site.

The FIA itself is to be made available from the SAGE web site 

To assist accessibility, SAGE has agreed that it may also be placed on members' web sites and we hope to include it on 




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