REVOLT opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

opposing unnecessary, excessive
and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter 356

Revolt news 31/07/2012 Print (pdf) Version

1. On 26 July 2012 Stour Valley Underground (SVU) published its “Full Response to National Grid’s Undergrounding Decision and Connection Options Report” regarding the proposed Bramford-Twinstead 400kV line. 2. Ingrid Dickenson of BEMRI draws attention to the Stop Smart Meters (UK) campaign where you can sign a “don’t smart meter me” message. There are concerns about finance and privacy as well as health. Ingrid writes “even the consumer magazine `Which’ voiced their concerns!” 3. An announcement from National Grid on the proposed Mid Wales substation site and powerline route, following widespread consultation and protests over the last year, was imminent this morning according to BBC news 31 July. The announcement was made later today with the proposed 19 acre substation site at Cefn Coch in Powys and a 100-pylon corridor across the border into Shropshire to link with the national grid. 4. Montgomeryshire Against Pylons (MAP) called the decision a "travesty" and has held a meeting for residents in Cefn Coch, near Llanfair Caereinion. It said massive pylons would "destroy countryside" through Llansantffraid near Welshpool to Frankton near Ellesmere, Shropshire. An important next part of the conflict will be NG’s attempts to negotiate with farmers and landowners for voluntary wayleaves or easements. 5. The BBC reports "It has not yet been decided how the connection will be constructed but, based on work so far, it is likely that a combination of both overhead lines and underground cables will be used," said a National Grid spokesperson. As with the Bramford-Twinstead line, we are seeing a very different approach from NG compared with in previous decades, and very different from the Beauly-Denny line in Scotland, where undergrounding was solidly blocked throughout, even in the Cairngorms National Park. NG’s new “Approach” to undergrounding is to be welcomed, though it raises the questions why couldn’t it be done before and why not in Scotland. 6. “A massive power breakdown has hit India for a second day running, leaving more than half the country without power” according to BBC news 31 July. “Officials said the northern and eastern grids had both collapsed. All Delhi metro services have been halted and staff are trying to evacuate trains. Monday's power failure caused severe disruption and travel chaos across northern India. It was unclear why the grid collapsed but the power minister said some states may have been taking too much power.”

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