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opposing unnecessary, excessive
and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter 353

Revolt news 13 June 2012 Print (pdf) Version


1. Stour Valley Underground (SVU), the campaign group for burying the National Grid 400kV proposed Bramford-Twinstead line in Suffolk and Essex, has announced that NG has now proposed to bury the line for half of the proposed route to protect the most sensitive areas. This is quite a landmark, with some 8km undergrounding (30% of the 28km route) proposed by NG without being forced by a planning rejection. SVU is seeking to extend this to half of the entire route. The tendency, reflected in the Beauly-Denny line in Scotland, had been away from conceding any undergrounding. Now there may be hope for the future, as many new lines are anticipated in response to renewable energy policy. Congratulations to SVU for persistent and thorough investigation and campaigning. Congratulations to National grid for responding positively. The SVU statement follows as APPENDIX A. Connection Options Report

2. In news339 and 350, in response to NG’s new Approach to undergrounding, we said “the proof of the pudding is yet to come”. This looks like a good taster!


APPENDIX A SVU statement 13-6-12

As you may know, on Tuesday 29th May, National Grid announced their proposal that two sections of the Bramford to Twinstead 400kv connection are to be installed underground. The two sections are the Dedham Vale AONB and the Stour Valley with all of the remaining sections across the Suffolk countryside being seen as of lower landscape value by NG and therefore they propose more pylons for these areas.

Stour Valley Underground are conducting extensive research into better solutions than those proposed by National Grid in their Connection Options Report. As ever, the solutions we seek are those that are in everyones best interest. This email provides a PDF document outlining Stour Valley Underground's initial proposals for the western end of National Grid's route corridor which include:-

rerouting of the proposed underground cable in the Stour Valley to deliver a number of significant benefits

  • moving or removing the sealing end compounds at the end of underground cables from the views into and out of sensitive areas
  • undergrounding totalling 1/2 of the entire route
  • an environmentally acceptable alternative to an unsightly substation in high value landscape
  • the removal of all pylons made redundant by NG's connection project

This document has been developed to brief our local MP's, Councillors and Local Government Officers in time for a meeting between them and National Grid on Friday 15th June. Going forward, we will develop this response to cover the entire route corridor and provide greater depth for our proposals. The end date for the consultation on National Grid's undergrounding decision and Connection Options Report is July 27th 2012 and this therefore is the date by which our full response will be delivered.

Our initial outline response and proposals are presented in a brief but extensively illustrated PDF which includes argument and evidence in support of said proposals.

Statements made by the editor or by other parties and quoted for information do not necessarily represent the views of Revolt. Criticism of government and industry, and grievances from members of the public, are in the nature of Revolt's work, though we try to give credit where it is due. Revolt is strictly non-party-political and regrets any offence which may be inadvertently caused.




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