REVOLT opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

opposing unnecessary, excessive
and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter 321

Revolt news 24/02/2011 Print (pdf) Version

1. ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) was mentioned in news318 for its helpful joint report (with Europacable) on undergrounding. It comprises 41 TSOs (Transmission System Operators) from 34 countries and has important roles in EU policy. It has a transparency policy and an open website “ – the transparency platform of ENTSO-E” (with stated limitations) where anyone can register, and home page

2. There is a problem (almost chicken-and-egg) with major wind farm projects (especially offshore) and their transmission connections, in their planning and timing. Our submission to the NPS consultation (news319) recommended planning a coherent UK HVDC grid, rather than piecemeal connections. If wind farm developers plan their own connections, the confusion seen with the RWE Triton Knoll substation in Lincolnshire could be multiplied around the country.

3. The IPC (Infrastructure Planning Commission) Advice Note 9 of Feb 2011 is about using the “Rochdale Envelope”. This allows major infrastructure developers flexibility in pre-application stages and in applications themselves before projects are fully determined, thus keeping wider options open. Major powerlines may be proposed at an early stage. If the flexibility helps to shape proposals in a coherent strategy and to avoid unnecessary impact, this would be welcome; if it just helps rush through ill-thought-out or prejudicial proposals, then it would be unwelcome!

4. An important new research paper by Volkow et al appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 23 Feb 2011. It concludes “In healthy participants and compared with no exposure, 50-minute cell phone exposure was associated with increased brain glucose metabolism in the region closest to the antenna”. Commentators and an editorial in JAMA say this is an important result showing, contrary to the establishment position, that there can be non-thermal biological effects from cell-phones at low exposure levels below established guidelines for exposure limits.

5. Nerves are known to pass signals to each other directly via their (electrical or chemical) junctions called synapses. “Ephaptic coupling” is a more recently discovered way nerves pass signals indirectly at a distance via external electric fields, independently of the synapses. A new paper by Anastassiou et al (Nature Neuroscience 14 (2): 217) shows such ephaptic coupling of cortical neurons in the brain, with ELF frequency effects, concluding “Our findings indicate that endogenous brain activity can causally affect neural function through field effects under physiological conditions”.

6. The previous two items exemplify the considerable gaps in EMF ‘establishment’ knowledge, and the folly of over-confident denials of plausibility of potential harm to health from low-level exposures to EMF of various kinds.

Statements made by the editor or by other parties and quoted for information do not necessarily represent the views of Revolt. Criticism of government and industry, and grievances from members of the public, are in the nature of Revolt's work, though we try to give credit where it is due. Revolt is strictly non-party-political and regrets any offence which may be inadvertently caused.




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