REVOLT opposing unnecessary, excessive and intrusive powerline development

opposing unnecessary, excessive
and intrusive powerline development

REVOLT Newsletter 314

Revolt news 24/12/2010 Print (pdf) Version

1. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has a campaign on “electricity pylons and wires” under its “natural resources” section:

This page has links to, among other things, A map of National Grid lines in England with all National Parks and AONBs Possible location of new transmission lines

2. There is also a link on the CPRE home page for people to send an e-card to government in support of CPRE’s campaign to reduce pylons in National Parks and AONBs. The wording of the card is at APPENDIX A below.

3. Dermot Finnigan of Sale, Manchester, has suffered a long saga of the 400kV pylon built in an unauthorised position by National Grid. Revolt news 287 reported a year ago that it looked like the end for his campaign. Now he reports his demise has worsened with the break up of his long-standing marriage. This does seem a very sad and unfair case which in my view appears to have been badly handled by National Grid. A summary of what appear to be the effects of building in the unauthorised position, which government appears to have condoned, was given at news287.6 and is repeated at APPENDIX B below.

4. National Grid is to be commended on holding a consultation on undergrounding, as announced 15-12-10, not before time. The UK grid is poised for major development as energy strategy changes; undergrounding technology continues to develop; several recent reviews of underground alternatives show a variety of issues and outcomes; NG is itself commissioning a review in connection with the new NPS; and practice in several other countries increasingly inclines to undergrounding in sensitive areas. The consultation will close on 16-3-11. Revolt would be pleased to hear views and submissions from others.

5. However, I found it difficult to register to access NG’s consultation questionnaire. It asks if you agree with NG policy. It should not be confused with a call for evidence for the IET/KEMA study, which seems to be by invitation only and is not an open review. NG’s public consultation on undergrounding closing 16-3-11 sits alongside:

  • (a) the government’s (DECC) re-consultation on the revised Energy NPSs (news310) with closing date 24-1-11 and
  • (b) the NG-commissioned study on undergrounding by IET and KEMA (news310.6), due to report by the end of Jan 2011 according to No-Moor-Pylons.

6. The IET/KEMA study is described on the IET web site. NG is funding it but will be just one of several bodies making submissions. The IET site says “To submit evidence to this review please contact KEMA on +44 (0)20 3170 8165”. No deadline is given. CPRE has submitted a nine-page paper to the IET/KEMA study, in response to a questionnaire asking for “factual/evidenced information” on specified topics.

7. Paul Hipwell sends the No-Moor-Pylons newsletter on the Hinkley Point connection, with headlines as at APPENDIX C below. Regarding the government consultation on the Energy NPSs, the newsletter notes "Now in a hard fought concession DECC have agreed to hold a local consultation meeting at Sedgemoor District Council Offices on 12th January 1845pm".

8. Paul Hipwell also sends this link to the parliamentary debate on 1-12-10 on the Energy NPSs.

9. Whereas GIL cables have attracted interest lately as potential high-capacity AC transmission solutions, there may be concerns with proven long-distance application and with the CF6 gas they use. Such matters would need to be addressed in the IET/KEMA study.

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APPENDIX A Wording on CPRE’s e-card to government

Dear Secretary of State,

Protect our precious landscapes from ugly new electricity pylons

I urge you to strengthen the proposed new planning guidance for electricity lines to give better protection for our most precious landscapes and heritage sites including National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I would like the policy to say that existing rules protecting these areas should form the basis for decisions on the routeing of new lines and be followed by planners and the industry. I also want to see thousands of older pylons near the end of their life removed and more lines placed underground.

Thank you,

***** *****

APPENDIX B Summary from news287.6, regarding NG building a pylon in an unauthorised position at Sale, Manchester

The unauthorised relocation had the following effects:

  • (1) preserving the condemned houses for the benefit of the golf club contrary to Trafford Council planning policy;
  • (2) preserving the condemned houses for occupation by golf club employees and their families with excessive EMF exposure;
  • (3) avoiding the conductors cutting the corner of the Finnigans’ land and thereby avoiding compensating them.

Once again, shame on you, National Grid!

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APPENDIX C Headlines from No-Moor-Pylons newsletter:

Hinkley Point C Connection Project – Update


  • 1 National Grid commissions independent experts to assess the cost of overhead, underground and undersea power transmission
  • 2 National Grid delays announcement of route corridor choice til early 2011
  • 3 DECC launches consultation on revised National Policy Statements
  • 4 Independent report suggests that using Seimens Gas Insulated Lines technology could provide a cheaper and more reliable solution
  • 5 Costain wins Ł200m contract to install a 32km 4m dia tunnel under London for 400KV power cables
  • 6 Community Forums launched
  • 7 Community Groups meet with Infrastructure Planning Commission
  • 8 Complaint to BBC on biased reporting on National Grid

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Statements made by the editor or by other parties and quoted for information do not necessarily represent the views of Revolt. Criticism of government and industry, and grievances from members of the public, are in the nature of Revolt's work, though we try to give credit where it is due. Revolt is strictly non-party-political and regrets any offence which may be inadvertently caused.




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