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Minutes of 1997 AGM

Minutes of the REVOLT Annnual General Meeting held at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 28th October 1997 in Thirsk Town Hall.

1. Apologies:

S. Costley, R. Hole, J. Maynard, N. Stephenson.

2. Minutes of 1996 AGM:
The minutes of the first AGM, held on 26th September 1996 in Thirsk Town Hall were agreed.

3. Treasurer's report:

4. Chairman's report:
Circulated and accepted.

5. Election of committee:
Present committee re-elected en bloc.

6. Appointment of auditor:
Ms. S. Vickery re-appointed.

7. Updates / open forum:

Public Inquiries - decision by Secretary of State: No information as to when a decision will be announced, merely speculation.

Scottish interconnector: Suggestion made that this is a potential source of increased profit for NGC.

"Dash for gas": Noted that use of gas by generators is not labour-intensive, provides few permanent jobs. Suggestion made that this issue could be taken up with TUC. Also suggested that the issue of coal versus gas could be pursued with the relevant trade unions.

Remote generation: Noted that market distortion continues to favour remote generation; in particular, it would appear to be attractive to generators to build power stations near to gas pipeline landfall, rather than in places of high demand. The above provoked the strong reaction that there is an existing gas grid, which should be better utilised, and there is also a huge national surplus of generating capacity.

Proposed development on Tees-side: Noted that two proposed power stations, Neptune and Flotilla, though no planning application has to date been lodged, have received consent from NGC for connection.

Way-leave hearings: Noted that no information has been received regarding Inspectors' Report.

Judicial Review: If proposed line receives consent. Legal advice will be sought. If advice suggests successful outcome, the strong feeling of the meeting was that funds be raised as a matter of urgency for judicial review.

Enron power station: Noted that station has design life of 15 years (but this could be extended). If line were to be built , Enron would be very much an ageing station with only limited life before it could be connected to a line with a design life of 80 years. Also noted: gas contract for Enron is for 15 years.

Thanks: Mrs I. Wilkinson and T. Haigh expressed thanks to Prof. O'Carroll.

The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.

Chairman's Report September 1998

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