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Fighting Powerline Proposals

REVOLT's mission:

To oppose the Norton - Picton - Shipton 400 kV line

To press for a co-ordinated UK energy policy

To monitor developments related to powerlines and to liaise with similar organisations.

To promote a precautionary policy on public health matters relating to power-lines.

 "To help people adversely affected by powerlines, by maintaining information and contacts and by campaigning on energy policy and public health issues."

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National Grid's proposals and REVOLT's objections

Health Hazards Views on the various Health Hazards posed by the proposed line

Environmental and Economic issues The Proposed line raises significant Environmental and Economic issues both along its route and for the country as a whole.

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Huby Rosalind Craven's Fight

Other people fighting unnecessary overhead lines, masts or their health hazards

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Highlands before Pylons Western highlands of Scotland threatened by overhead 400kV powerline

Union ban on Basslink pylons continues Yorkshire isn't the only place National grid are having problems with overhead lines.

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REVOLT has led the public campaign against the line for over 12 years with all-party support of local authorities, MPs, MEPs and others. To join REVOLT and find out more register  your contact details and, if you wish, make a voluntary donation of 5 pounds to: