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Pylon protest march Winton Bank to Borrowby
Sept 26th 1998

Photographs  ©Rik Royall

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Various objects have been painted to highlight the resistance to the line & landowners have made it clear that they will not co-operate with National Grid Contractors. Photographs 1& 3  ©Rik Royall: 2 © Revolt
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Pylons may look imposing sometimes, but disfigure and intrude on the landscape of North Yorkshire.  These photographs are of the existing 400KV line near Upsall & Cowesby.  The new line will be in addition to this one and in many places both lines will be visible!            Photographs  ©Rik Royall
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The objections to the Proposed Overhead Line go back to 1992 when protesters covered a hillside with the now familiar "No More Pylons" signs to spell out NO PYLONS.  They also demonstrated that ordinary Fluorescent tubes will light up due to the Electric Field under lines.  Photographs  © Yorkshire Evening Press

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Kirby Sigston.

Photographs  ©Rik Royall

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