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REVOLT Powerline Concerns Health Hazards Need UK Energy Policy

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pylon in cornfield

The visual impact of 229 pylons- many taller than York Minster or the Statue of Liberty- would be catastrophic.  The proposed overhead line would run through countryside of outstanding beauty.  It will skirt the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, impinge on areas of ancient woodland, listed buildings, National Trust properties and sites of Special Scientific interest

The Pylons will march across the view that William Wordsworth was watching as the sun set on his wedding night when he wrote:

"Composed October 4th, 1802, after a journey over the Hambleton Hills, on a day memorable to me--the day of my marriage. The horizon commanded by those hills is most magnificent."

Dark and more dark the shades of evening fell,
The wished-for point was reached-but at an hour
When little could be gained from that rich dower
0 prospect, whereof many thousands tell.
Yet did the glowing west with marvellous power
Salute us . . .


The 229 pylons will also dwarf the landscape described by James Herriot in his books and featured in the TV series All Creatures Great and Small.  The World of James Herriot  in Thirsk is less than TWO miles from the proposed overhead line line of pylons on edge of north york moors national park
Transmission implications of closure of Blyth A and B power stations  M J O'Carroll  10/07/1999 Comments on the implications of closure of Blyth A and B for the proposed and largely consented Lackenby - Picton - Shipton 400kV transmission line (the LPS line).
Response to Countryside Commission Consultative paper CCP 470 April 1995
Quality of Countryside: Quality of Life from Professor M J O' Carroll 27.4.95
"The Paper and its general direction toward quality of life through thriving countryside are welcomed."
Response to Utilities Review
"The Green Paper "A Fair Deal for Consumers" is generally welcomed and the measures it proposes much needed. It is worth considering some general principles of regulation, combining price control, social and environmental matters."

Why not put the Powerlines Underground?

Response to evidence of Mr K E Miller by Professor G Scott on behalf of REVOLT
"In his evidence (Transcript Day 37, page 22,C) Mr. Miller said that he did not believe that it would be possible to build a concrete duct to convey 400kV cables along trunk routes. Paradoxically, he then went on to admit that did not know anything about the design of the proposed ducts..."
Water-Cooled concrete-ducted 400kV underground cables
A guide for the farming community Professor G.Scott 
"At the Northallerton Inquiry into National Grid Company's application to run new the new overhead line the company dismissed the suggestion that any part of the line should be underground because of cost to The National Grid Company and disruption to farm land. Both were shown by REVOLT to be untrue."
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