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Balfour Beatty & NGC go on land over locked gate without permission 13/02/2002


Notice on gate Keep Out!
Pretty clear notice on the gate but..

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Informing contractors they do NOT have permission to go on the land Climbing over a locked gate anyway Oh yes we can Oh no you can't in pouring rain!
P2131635.jpg (200557 bytes) P2131646.jpg (211229 bytes) P2131649.jpg (207172 bytes) P2131657.jpg (209631 bytes)
Dry conditions? Giving up and climbing out again Where next? Much nicer to watch it all from Someone's warm dry car

P2131662.jpg (49235 bytes) P2131666.jpg (61653 bytes) P2131670.jpg (82620 bytes) P2131671.jpg (76307 bytes)
Well, while everyone is at Alne let's get on a nice wet field at Knayton Obstruct roads in Borrowby..
P2131674.jpg (52974 bytes) P2131675.jpg (65959 bytes) P2131679.jpg (99658 bytes) P2131681.jpg (56022 bytes)
Mess up the roads in Cotcliffe.. and take a large tipper up Cotcliffe Bank to turn it round at a minor crossroads

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